Watch! Fan Gets Violent With Keri Hilson In Paris, Ushers Gets Attacked By Crazed Woman!

*Getcha Getcha claws out!* During her recent Paris concert, Ms Keri Baby was literally bear-hugged and pulled away violently by a fan on stage! Whaaat!? This occured during the R&B singer's show at the French capital's "Le trianon" concerts venue, as part of her European tour in support of "No Boys Allowed". Keri Hilson was about to finish the concert, in fact she had performed the last song, "All the Boys", when suddently out of nowhere, an 'overhyped' fan, or I don't know what else to call him, appeared on stage, GRABBED Keri Hilson and pulled her away violently! Of course her bodyguards/venue's bouncers immediately took the fella down. Keri was IN SHOCK though - look at her face! - but I think she kinda said; 'hey, it's okay, don't harm him', but poor dude was already face down on the floor, lol. Oh my god! French stans of Keri go hard! LMAO. By the way, I'm really suprised we just learn about this incident, considering it happened on OCTOBER 9th! Tip: Skip to 3:37 mark in the vid!
[video removed]

And talking about violent incidents, TMZ has just published this video (see above) - filmed last weekend in Atlanta - where R&B crooner Usher can be seen getting attacked by a crazed woman over a parking space!! Lord have mercy! Is this for real? It all started when the 'Without You' singer pulled into an ATL shopping center and decided to park in a handicap parking space. Then out of nowhere, this random woman, approched Usher FIRST (according to witnesses) and confronted Justin Bieber's boss, who was still in the driver's seat with the window down. Usher refused to move his vehicle. He then got off the car to talk things up but well...let's just say this lady wasn't having her best day at all! Watch what went down in the vid above. Hint: There's some pulling, cursing, and beer throwing involved. I know Usher kinda provoked the whole situation, but violence is always a no no!


By on October 28, 2011
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