Watch Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato Kill It On 'Ellen' With "Irresistible" Remix Performance!

fall out boy irresistible ellen
fall out boy irresistible ellen performance

Watch Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato Kill It On 'Ellen' With "Irresistible" Remix Performance!

The “Irresistible” reign just won’t let up! Island Records is paying good money to promote the remix version of the latest single from Fall Out Boy’s "American Beauty / American Psycho" album. As you must already know, this “new” version of “Irresistible” features pop singer Demi Lovato and this is the version that has really launched the song to “success” status on both radio and charts in the US, and evidently, in view of this success, FOB’s label had no other choice but to scratch their pockets and pay for high-profile television performances for the remix.

The latest stop on Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato’s TV tour took place today (Feb. 15) on “The Ellen Show”. There, the Patrick Stump-led band performed “Irresistible” alongside Demi, and as you know, for an artist to promote his single on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show is a very important and kind of a milestone moment which has almost immediate consequences, aka. a surge in digital sales / iTunes positions in a matter of minutes.

In this “Ellen” performance, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz and Co. took the stage by storm with their energy and rock and roll while Demi Lovato added a dash of sensuality with her appearance. The “Confident” singer sported a super sexy outfit - she served legs for days - and made love to the camera with her sexy poses, and fierce faces.

The result of Patrick and Demi’s combined live vocals? Just wonderfulness!

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By on February 15, 2016

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