Watch Diplo & MØ Dance For 3 Minutes In “Get It Right” Music Video!

diplo mo get it right video
diplo mo get it right video premiere

Here’s the official music video for Diplo and Mø’s collaboration "Get I Right" (included on the soundtrack of the Major Lazer documentary “Give Me Future” – did you watch the documentary? Neither did I. But the soundtrack I did check out and that I did like).

Get It Right” was my personal favorite song from the entire soundtrack and undoubtedly the song with the biggest potential of becoming a real hit. So kudos to Diplo and the Danish singer on getting the time to make this music video a reality. Don’t know if they truly plan to promote “Get It Right” as a proper single but I really hope they do. I repeat, this can be a huge hit for them. A global huge hit I mean!

The music video, which premiered on YouTube today, was directed by Brantley Gutierrez, shot in ballroom, and it sees Diplo and Mø doing a choreography during a 3 minutes.

It wasn’t the most demanding choreography ever but considering I believed Diplo’s was the stiffest guy ever, this music video was a total happy surprise. The final product wasn’t entirely bad! I kind of dug it. And Diplo was lucky Mø was his dancing partner, as Mø isn’t the best dancer either. So they truly were perfect for each other and hence this choreography-heavy music video looking OK!

Now go out and work hard to make “Get It Right” the hit it deserves to be!

By on January 12, 2018
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