Watch Demi Lovato’s First Ever Live Performance of “Sober”: Rock In Rio Lisbon

demi lovato rock in rio lisbon
demi lovato rock in rio lisbon 2018

Demi Lovato didn’t do it in Barcelona or Madrid, but she did it at Rock in Rio Lisbon.

The American singer debuted her new controversial single “Sober” LIVE last night at Day 2 of the 2018 edition of Rock in Rio Lisbon.

This concert was part of the American pop singer’s on-going “Tell Me You Love Me World Tour” (although it must be noted the setlist and stage was different for this festival performance).

Demi sang “Sober” playing the piano.

It was one, if not the most moving performance of Demi’s entire career. She was on the verge of breaking down and crying big time at some moment and me with her.

This performance was so powerful, so well-sung (something incredible considering all the emotion Demi was experiencing) and loved to see the crowd supporting Demi with a lot of cheering and even loud sing-along.

So, now that the ice has been broken, we can expect to see Demi performing “Sober” at all the remaining dates of the tour, right?




By on June 25, 2018
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