Watch Camila Cabello Freak Out To The News She’s Opening For Taylor Swift At The “Reputation” Tour

camila cabello freaking out

Watch Camila Cabello Freak Out To The News She’s Opening For Taylor Swift At The “Reputation” Tour

Taylor Swift has announced that Camila Cabello and Charli XCX will be the opening acts on all of the dates of her upcoming “Reputation Stadium World Tour”. That means all of the concerts in North America, Europe and Oceania. HUGE! Because one thing is being “friends” with Taylor and another different one to be approved by her to be her official supporting act at one of her massive tours. Who will get more “profit” from this opening act job, though? The answer is clear: Camila Cabello. For Charli XCX already has a name established, she’s had her share of hits, and I think she’s quite happy with how her career is doing, i.e. not being a superstar but having creativity freedom and a loyal following. The case is different for Camila, though. She’s at the beginning of her career, the solo one that is, and she evidently wants to be a pop superstar (with a lot of help, and heavy influence sadly, of her record label). So opening for Taylor at stadiums in the U.S and the rest of the world and getting to connect with thousands of potential new fans is a too good an opportunity. And what I’m telling you clearly gets validation from the reactions both Camila and Charli are having.

Charlie’s reaction to the opening act news was just tweeting:

Whereas, Camila’s reaction was posting a video of her freaking the hell out on Snapchat:

See? Camila is already savoring this opportunity life has given her and she already sees the path to super stardom (a realm where Taylor Swift already is) getting shorter and shorter for her. Congratulations, girl,

PS: I hope God is kind and makes the Fifth Harmony girls avoid finding out of this news today.


By on March 2, 2018

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