Watch Adam Lambert Debut New Song "Two Fux" Live!

adam lambert queen jimmy kimmel
adam lambert queen jimmy kimmel two fux

Oh! I thought this new song was going to be part of Adam Lambert’s next studio album. But I was so wrong.

Earlier this week, Adam teased the impending release of a brand new song. In the teaser video he shared on social media one could hear a snippet of the new song and read the information that it would be released on June 30th. However, no title was given. But quickly, a fan Shazam-ed the teaser video and discovered the title: “Two Fux”. Then, everybody assumed we would have to wait till June 30 to appreciate the song fully, but so mistaken we were. On Thursday, during the taping of their outdoors concert for ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, which would air live later that same day, Adam Lambert and Queen debuted “Two Fux”. Wait, but Thursday was June 22nd, not June 30th! What the hell?

Adam Lambert and Queen first performed an iconic cover of “I Want It All” and then performed “Two Fux”. Was this second performance perhaps a last minute decision in view of the cheerful crowd they got yesterday? Anyhow, “This one is dedicated to Freddie himself” shouted Adam from the stage before assassinating “Two Fux” with he superb vocals. And unfortunately that’s where I realized “Two Fux” wasn’t a song from Adam Lambert’s new single, it’s actually a song he recorded with Queen most likely to be an original treat for the North American tour they will be busy with this entire summer. “Two Fux” sounded more Queen than it did “Adam Lambert”. Vocals were dramatic, operatic, and Broadway-ish. Plus, there even was a long Brian May guitar riff in yesterday’s performance. The song is good, though, for what it is. And the performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was extraordinary. It’s just that I was hoping it would be material from Adam’s next album, which is long overdue already. But oh well, we’ll keep patiently waiting for that.

Join us again next week for when the studio version of “Two Fux” gets here.

By on June 24, 2017
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