Video: Selena Gomez Underwhelms, Yet Train Rock The Stage at 'Dancing With The Stars'

Disney star Selena Gomez and pop/rock band Train were the musical guests on Tuesday's results show (April 17th) of 'Dancing with The Stars' on ABC - The 19-year-old Texas girl delivered the first televised performance (in America) of her new single "Hit the Lights", while the awesome Rob Hotchkiss-led band performed their US Top 20 hit "Drive By".

Let's get the negative out of the way first...dear Selenita Gomez, if you can't sing, then don't sing, gurl! Yeah you looked stunning in that black gold-glittered dress, but it's your vocals we have to judge here, and on that you failed miserably. Your performance was so poor, lackluster, lazy, and pitchy. Was she whispering or attempting to sing? I still don't know. Next time please do us a favor and use playback. You're good at recording songs in-studio, not singing live. *feels relived*

And now the positive, Train's great performance of 'Drive By'. The feel-good, sing-along pop/rock tune is a smash in the US, killing it on iTunes, radio and the Hot 100, therefore the Rob Hotchkiss-led band is getting more opportunities to promote the song on huge American TV shows like 'Dancing with the Stars'. Rob sang 'Drive By' so good last night, and made the audience feel 'groovy' too!

Thoughts on Selena and Train's performances? Selena's particularly?

By on April 18, 2012
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