Video Premiere: The Weeknd - "Party Monster"

the weeknd party monster video

Video Premiere: The Weeknd - "Party Monster"

It's here!

Just like he promised last night, the music video for The Weeknd's brand new single "Party Monster" premiered at 12pm sharp on VEVO today.

Directed by BRTHR, the flashy clip shows the Canadian crooner singing in a red room and riding fast and furious, while fierce and sexy ladies will float in a pool, kiss each other, and try to entice Mr. The Weeknd. Oh, there will lots of crosses appearing throughout the music video as well. Seems like Abel has gotten a liking at them this era!

"Like Selena, ass shaped like Selena", sings The Weeknd in "Party Monster" but unfortunately the woman that inspired this lyric (aka. The Weeknd's new official girlfriend, Selena Gomez) doesn't make a cameo in the below-available music video. Oh, damn it! It would have been perfect! Why couldn't have they started dating before this video was shot... oh well, fingers crossed they make it up to us by recording a new song together and include it on a "Starboy" re-release.

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By on January 12, 2017

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