Video Premiere: Sean Paul & Dua Lipa - "No Lie"

dua lipa no lie video
sean paul no lie video

Sean Paul just used the VEVO network to world premiere the music video for his collaboration with Dua Lipa "No Lie". The catchy track will appear on the Jamaican dancehall singer's forthcoming seventh studio album, which is expected to hit stores later in 2017 via Island Records.

Can you believe it's been 14 years since Sean dropped "Get Busy"? Many people labeled him a one-hit-wonder or an artist that wouldn't have a long career, but look at him now. So many years into the future and he's still hot. And quite blazing. He's currently slaying charts left and right around the world with the new Clean Bandit single "Rockabye" which he features on, and it all points out that he will soon score his first Top 40 solo hit in a long while with "No Lie". This song simply sounds like an outstanding pop smash and Dua Lipa totally sells that chorus with her smoky voice.

dua lipa and sean paul

Anyway, back to the music video premiere news. The one for "No Lie" dropped today. It's very simple and dare I say a bit too low-budget for the hit potential the song has but whatever... Dua Lipa looks incredibly good in it and that's all it really should matter.

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By on January 10, 2017
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