Video: Madonna Performs "Bitch I'm Madonna" + "Holiday" with Classroom Instruments on "Jimmy Fallon"

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Video: Madonna Performs "Bitch I'm Madonna" + "Holiday" with Classroom Instruments on "Jimmy Fallon"

One thing’s for certain with Madonna. She’s still full of life. The queen of pop acted as if she was still 26 during her live appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, April 9th.

She was there to keep reminding American people that her new album “Rebel Heart” is still out in stores and that they should get it because it’s filled with incredible songs.

Madonna performed twice on last night’s “Fallon” episode. She first participated with Jimmy on a new addition to the “Classroom Instruments” series where the guest artist has to perform a song from his catalogue acapella only accompanied by a band (and Jimmy) playing this kind of instruments. Madge happily agreed and the song she chose to perform was a surprise. She didn’t choose a cut from “Rebel Heart” but an old classic; “Holiday”.

Later on Thursday’s episode, Madonna returned to the “Tonight Show” stage to perform alongside Diplo the party-ready “Rebel Heart” track “Bitch I’m Madonna”. And Madge was looking like a 26-year-old fashion freak. I just love how she refuses to not mbrace her 56 years of age. In any case, the performance was super energetic and captivating and it made me wonder again why would she release the oh-so-boring “Ghosttown” as her official next single? Oh, by the way, Nicki Minaj couldn’t attend this “Bitch I’m Madonna” performance because she’s wrapping up her European tour this week. Still, Madonna kept her rap verse in the performance and decorated it with a few photoshoot images of Nicki. Good! She's a very important part of the song.


By on April 10, 2015

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