VIDEO: Lady Gaga, Sam Smith & The Weeknd Perform at 2016 Oscars / Was Gaga Robbed?

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga, Sam Smith & The Weeknd Perform at 2016 Oscars / Was Gaga Robbed?

The 2016 Oscar Awards took place on Sunday night, February 28th, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California, and as every year, we must talk about the nominees from the “Best Original Song” category. Out of the 5 nominees, only 3 are worth to mention: The Weenkd, Lady Gaga and Sam Smith.

I believe the odds were all in favor of Lady Gaga’s “Till It Happens To You” winning the category - despite the song not having had that much radio support in comparison with the other two - and personally it was my favorite nominee too. However, at last night’s 88th Oscar Awards, the Academy chose to give the “Best Original Song” accolade to Sam Smith and “Writing’s On The Wall” - from the soundtrack of the latest Bond movie, “Spectre”.

What a fraud! (I literally threw my pillow at the TV set when I heard who won)

Sam Smith's performance

This wasn’t Sam Smith’s best night vocally, and it obviously wasn’t the best performance of “Writing’s On The Wall” we’ve seen to date. But I do have to say that finally, after having lost a lot of weight, Sam looks good in a suit. But what a fraud, oh yeah!

The Weeknd did kill it, though. If the Academy wanted to give the award to a male singer, they should’ve picked The Weeknd instead. His performance of “Earned It” - from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack - was all kinds of stellar, and I really liked the cabaret-circus theme. The Canadian crooner certainly put Sam Smith’s vocals to shame last night.

And to wrap up, the true winner of the night, Lady Gaga. She was dressed to win even though she didn’t in the end. Wearing a stunning white gown, Lady Gaga belted “Till It Happens To You” and delivered the best live performance of the song to date last night. And she didn’t only kill it vocally, she did that while playing the piano.

Tears flooded my eyes during the final part of the performance when Gaga went it for the kill. That vocal explosion in the end was goosebumps-worthy.

The “Bad Romance” singer was accompanied on stage by a group of people that I presume were victims of sexual abuse.

I’m convinced that after watching her performance last night, the members of the Academy regretted their decision. They should’ve given the award to Lady Gaga, and not Sam Smith. SHE WAS ROBBED.

Favorite performance?

Lady Gaga's performance

By on February 29, 2016

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