VIDEO: Adrienne Bailon Slays “The Boy Is Mine” & Selena Cover / She Needs To Go Back To Record Music ASAP!

adrienne bailon selena cover

Adrienne Bailon should totally shake off that insecurity she has about her voice. There’s no denying her talking and singing voice has a particular sound but that’s her sound and she should embrace it. I personally like it, so she shouldn’t be afraid. There’s always going to be people that like you or not but that’s the way the world is. Adrienne should start recording music again. I really think that we haven’t seen the last of her in this industry yet.

Why the long rant? Because I’ve been emailed the video below where you can see Adrienne and BFF Keke Palmer at some NFL shop or NFL event earlier this week singing a couple of songs live karaoke-style (they were reading the lyrics on a TV in front of them) and Adrienne was amazing! The crowd totally loved her (Keke was a mess so I won’t be talking about her here).

Monica and Brandy’s “The Boy Is Mine” and Selena Quintanilla’s “Amor Prohibido” were the two songs Adrienne Bailon slayed. She slayed her verse from “The Boy Is Mine” and she slayed the entirety of “Amor Prohibido”. Her unique vocals were adorable, her vocal control was amazing (she really hasn’t stopped taking care of her vocals and you can tell), and she sounded super good too in Spanish. Maybe that’s a language she can really exploit for a new music attempt? If she could get a reggaeton hit that’d get played all nights at the clubs in Miami she would be back in the business for real!

Don’t give up, girl!


By on September 23, 2016
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