Very Intriguing...Is Katy Perry Readying A 'Teenage Dream' Re-Release or B-Sides EP?

Confusing...Is Katy Perry Readying A 'Teenage Dream' Re-Release or B-Sides EP?

Very Intriguing...Is Katy Perry Readying A 'Teenage Dream' Re-Release or B-Sides EP?

What will it be? What will it be!? MTV News recently caught up with hit-making producer Tricky Stewart (He produced "Circle the Drain", "Who Am I Living For?" and "Hummingbird Heartbeat" on 'Teenage Dream') to update us on Katy Perry's latest movements - If you remember Katy tweeted in late August the following message "In da studio with @trickystewart I love him!". Ever since speculations sparked about Katy already working on the 'Teenage Dream' follow-up album....Not even close!

Thanks to Tricky Stewart himself we finally know what they've been actually doing in the studio since August onwards which was....'freshening up' some songs that didn't make the final cut into the 'Teenage Dream' CD. "Katy and I went into [the studio] just to address some issues with records that we had done in the past that didn't end up going on Teenage Dream," he told MTV News. "So we are in the process of just listening and freshening up things and getting ready for something special she has going on." SOURCE

So they're polishing up some unreleased tracks...very interesting...and for a super-special, top-secret musical project? Okay...Although Tricky didn't want to talk much about this 'special' thing Katy is cooking up for fans, he did mention one track title. "This song is really special. It's called 'Dressing Up,' so it's going to be a big record, I think," *faints* I lurve 'Dressing Up'! And just by hearing that low-quality demo! Can you imagine a mastered edit? OMG!

So I'm guessing Katy is either gonna pull a 'Teenage Dream' re-release, although doing it after 6 singles would feel kinda weird, or she's plotting a 'b-sides' EP. I think I'd believe the EP idea more though...cause I wouldn't define a re-release as 'super-special' or 'top-secret'. In any case, I'm dying to find out what this project will be! Hopefully it'll include even more never-heard-before tracks from the 'Teenage Dream' sessions, and it better include too the final version of the brilliant Dr-Luke-produced "Part of Me".

Are you anticipating this mysterious Katy Perry project?
What do you think it'll be?

By on October 5, 2011

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