Usher - 'Lemme See' (Music Video)

Usher - 'Lemme See' (Music Video)

Usher has recently debuted the music video in support of "Lemme See", the new single from "Looking 4 Myself" sent to US Rhythm/Urban radios...Watch above! Directed by Philip Andelman, the steamy visuals show Usher singing the seductive lyrics to the camera while baring his abs in one point and taking off his clothes in another. And while he's performing the track, two women - who are clearly into 'bondage' sex-wise - try to break free from the ropes tying them up. It's a very slick MV all in all, I like it! It's curious though how Usher would give the higher 'music video' budget to the R&B single, and not the pop one ('Scream'). I guess he also agrees "Lemme See" is a better song. I truly hope it gets to the Top 10 in America. It is F.I.R.E! By the way, one last thing about the "Lemme See" clip...while I don't mind seeing Usher shirtless, why are we oblige to see Rick Ross without a top?. Yikes! Thank God I had finished eating.

What do you think of the video?

Usher - 'Lemme See' (Music Video) screencap

By on June 15, 2012

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