Usher - Climax (Music Video!)

Usher - Climax (Music Video!)

Usher has to make the decision of his life in the music video for "Climax", the official first single from the R&B crooner's upcoming album due out this spring! In the clip, Usher is seen sitting alone in his car which is parked just outside his ex-girlfriend's house with a gun loaded. He's meditating on the idea of killing the man who's stolen the heart of his girl from him. What will he do? Click the 'play' button above and find out! The Diplo-produced "Climax" sees the return of Usher to his origins...which is pure, epic and intelligent R&B music. Btw, contrary to what many of us thought at first, Usher recently explained "Climax" is not a song about sex; "It’s odd that people view ‘Climax’ as a sexual song", "It’s not even about sex. It’s really about the ultimate experience or finale of an experience of love and life", "When you’re in a relationship and it’s kinda reached the climax of where it could go, you gotta let it go if you’re not gonna commit and that’s what the song’s about", commented Usher during a radio interview in Atlanta. Sex song or not, the final point is that "Climax" is a fire record, and deserves to be a HIT!

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By on March 9, 2012

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