Union J - "Beautiful Life" (Music Video)

Union J - "Beautiful Life" (Music Video)

No time left for scrapping this as single now, huh?. British boyband Union J (who rose to fame nationally thanks to "The X Factor UK") have premiered the music video for the forgettable ballad "Beautiful Life". This will become the official follow-up to the lads' first single "Carry You" - which failed to impress on the UK charts, only peaking at #6 (contrary to the US, your debut ranking is oftenly your highest peak on the chart. Therefore, #6 for the UK is really bad) - when released on digital platforms on October 20th, just a week before Union J send their self-titled debut album to the market.

I kind of liked "Carry You", but "Beautiful Life" is completely bad. Album-filler, yeah, official singlep, hell to the N-O. What is Syco/Sony thinking?. One thought I had was that these labels are boycotting Union J intentionally so no true competition against One Direction arises in the UK...but I don't think they can't be that shady. Anyway, I'll just blame it on a terrible single choice. "Beautiful Life" doesn't sound like a 'single'. It's forgettable, and one of the weakest boyband-ish ballads I've heard in a long while.

As for its music video, it shows the four Union J members chilling, performing "Beautiful Life" on board a ship moored to a port, before getting their feet back on shore to support with their beautiful voices those who feel depressed.

What do you think of the video?

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By on September 16, 2013

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