Unfortunately Iggy Azalea’s “Bad Girls Tour” Is Cancelled: Here’s The Confirmation

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Very sad news for Iggy Azalea fans. The raptress’ “Bad Girls Tour” has been officially cancelled. The rumor started over the weekend when some noticed several dates of the tour were billed as “cancelled” on Rapidly, someone asked what was happening to supporting act Megan Thee Stallion. She said that the tour wasn’t “cancelled” but that some of the dates were being re-routed to new venues. Many people didn’t believe her so they started flooding Iggy Azalea with tweets and DM’s. One day later, the Australian "Kream" raptress finally tweeted an update on the tour and what she had to say was her fans’ worst fears:

Not sure what she meant with “the choice was out of my hands”. Evidently, the reason for the tour cancellation was poor ticket sales. The tour was soon to commence and several seats were unsold, to the point Iggy risked being ridiculed for performing to empty venues. So “the choice was out of my hands”? Was she looking forward to performing to empty venues? I don’t think so. She’s just saying that to not look like the bad guy and let promoters take the guilt.

The damaging breaking point for this tour was when CupcakKe announced she was pulling out. She didn’t want to say it at first but then she confirmed her motive was financial: promoters wanted to pay her just $30K when her regular fee nowadays is of $300K.

The “Bad Girls Tour” was to be Iggy’s first headlining tour since “The New Classic Tour” in 2014. Now she’s back to being focused on recording new music. If I were here I would stop announcing headlining tours until she’s back on the Top 20 (at least) of the Hot 100 with a new hit single. Otherwise she’s just going to disappoint herself and fans again. And we don’t want that for anybody.

By on October 8, 2018
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