Ty Dolla Sign & Lauren Jauregui Don't Trust Each Other In "In Your Phone": New Song Premiere

lauren jauregui in your phone

If you live under the rock then we must tell you this right here, right now. Rapper Ty Dolla Sign and Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui are dating. There are several pictures of them at events and out and about looking too affectionate, and top things off; they released a surprise collaboration today, when Ty Dolla Sign’s new album “Beach House 3” arrives in stores. Entitled “In Your Phone”, the urban-pop song talks about one of the common issues a relationship of the 21st century goes through: digital distrust. Everybody is too busy with their phones these days sending text messages or double tapping and DM’ing people on Instagram and this situation sometimes cause trouble in couples. What if he or she is chatting with a lover? Is that the reason why so much time is consumed checking the phone? Am I being betrayed? Is that why he or she doesn’t give me all of the attention like it used to before? That’s what both Ty Dolla Sign and Lauren Jauregui sing about in “In Your Phone”. “You always in your phone / I feel like you do me wrong”, they repeat over and over again the chorus.

This song, besides sounding too cool, will definitely be a relatable anthem for many people. And that gives “In Your Phone” a lot of extra points already. The only bad side? The song only runs for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. WTF!

By on October 27, 2017
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