Troye Sivan Says He’s An “Animal”: Song Premiere

troye sivan 2018

Troye Sivan dropped a new song called “Animal” this Thursday morning on digital platforms. This song is from the Australian singer’s upcoming album “Bloom” and it is the last song we’re going to get before the album arrives in stores – and that’s going to happen on August 3.

In an interview Troye described this song as “a five-minute, 80s stadium love song”. I was intrigued by this description so my anticipation was high when he announced “Animal” would be the next and last countdown single. Fast-forward to today, I just had my first listen of “Animal” and my first reaction was: “beautiful lyrics”. Did I LOVE it? I liked it. so what stopped me from LOVING it? It was too long! The intro was silent for too long, and Troye just prolonged the song unnecessarily. I literally got too uneasy because of this. I would have chopped a whole minute from this song. Also, although I said the lyrics were beautiful (Troye sings about being deeply in love and never wanting to break up with his boyfriend), I’m not too sure I understood correctly what Troye wanted to convey with the main chorus lyric: “I am an animal with you”. There are many animals who live a very independent life!


By on August 9, 2018
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