Troye Sivan Performs “My My My” And “The Good Side” On “SNL”: Watch

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Troye Sivan Performs “My My My” And “The Good Side” On “SNL”: Watch

Troye Sivan made his debut on “SNL” last Saturday.

The Australian singer performed his songs “My My My” and “The Good Side”, which are taken from his forthcoming second studio album (allegedly out this Spring).

Before proceeding to the videos of the performances, I must say that I completely disagree with the hateful comments that I’m seeing on Twitter with respect to Troye’s live delivery “SNL”. Many people hated Troye’s way of singing and dance moves, but do you know what I would say to this? Chill down…

Yes Troye’s vocals weren’t entirely perfect but they weren’t bad either. Poor guy looked stressed as hell and nervous too. “SNL” clearly meant a lot to him.

And as for his dance moves in the “My My My” performance, they were so iconic! Troye was clearly living and I was living for him. Now I know the choreography that I need to do when this song gets played in the club!

Still can't really understand the hate I’m seeing on Twitter, though. Some people are extremely bored I guess.

By on January 22, 2018
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