Trey Songz Uses The Sex Card To Get A Lady In “The Only One”: Listen

trey songz the only one song

A US radio station premiered a brand new Trey Songz track titled “The Only One” yesterday (June 3rd). The R&B jam is confirmed to be one of the “many” new songs that will be included on Trey’s “Trigga Reloaded” album, the official re-release of his sixth, “Trigga”, released last year.

“Trigga Reloaded” is out June 23 via Atlantic Records. Will YOU get it?

Trey Songz: “Ain’t another nigg* can spread you like that”

Like the headline above? That’s one of the beautiful things Trey, the romancer, tells his love interest to make her realize he is the right man for her (lol! So subtle!).

That’s what the new song "The Only One" is all about. Trey endlessly trying to convince his lady friend to get with him, for good, as he is the Alpha Male that will provide the best sex experience ever in the bedroom. No need to give more reasons other than that, right? You got her, boy!

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By on June 4, 2015
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