Trey Songz - "About You" [Music Video Premiere!]

drake about you video
drake about you music video

R&B crooner Trey Songz has just premiered the music video for “About You” on YouTube. The song with the familiar chorus is the latest single from Trey’s “Trigga Reloaded”, the re-release of his sixth studio album “Trigga”. “Trigga” hit stores in July last year, and “Trigga Reloaded” arrived last month.

“About You” is produced by Mark Nilan Jr. and 21 Music and is the opening track on “Trigga Reloaded”. “About You” officially is the second single from Trey’s “Trigga” re-release following the Billboard Top 30 hit “Slow Motion”.

Directed by Matt Barnes, the “About You” music video is confusing and doesn’t really do justice to the groovy R&B song. The YouTube comment below pretty much sums up the same feeling I had once finishing watch Trey’s new MV:

“The video is confusing who's the business lady? and what was her purpose in he video I really thought she was security to stop yew party but she ended up just looking at him in the end and doing nothing”

Who the hell was that lady indeed? I was expecting her to give the music video a dramatic or violent twist, but nah…

What do you think of the video?

By on July 12, 2015
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