Trey Songz - '2 Reasons' (Music Video)

Trey Songz - '2 Reasons' (Music Video)

Trey Songz and T.I hit the club for the 'b*tches and the drinks' in the music video for "2 Reasons", the official second single from the R&B crooner's upcoming album "Chapter V", in stores next August 21st via Atlantic Records! Although I'm really digging the song (it's a banger), and I think it's a clever 'summer' release, I'm however curious to know if females find it at least a tad 'offensive' to them. I mean, for Trey can't stop repeating 'I only came here (the club) for two reasons, B-tches and the drinks, b-tches and the drinks' in the hook, lol. Anyway, back to the video, it premiered via Trey's YouTube page last night (June 12)...Watch above! Directed by Benny Boom, the club-themed visual show Trey, and his buddy T.I, doing everything the lyrics command. Pop some bottles! Check it out.

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trey songz 2 reassons video

By on June 13, 2012

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