Train Premiere New Single 'Angel In Blue Jeans': Listen

train angel in blue jeans artwork

And just like that Train are back. The American band released 'Angel In Blue Jeans’ on Monday morning. The song is the lead single from Train’s forthcoming seventh studio album ‘Bulletproof Picasso’ which will be arriving in stores on September 16th.

Train actually premiered ‘Angel In Blue Jeans’ exclusively last night on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ on Sirius XM, but the new single wasn’t released until this morning.

Pat Monahan performs Angel in Blue Jeans

If Train enjoyed success with their two latest studio albums 'Save Me, San Francisco' (2009) and 'California 37' (2012) thanks to their then-newly-found folk-pop sound and the album’s radio-friendly singles, Train have decided to take a risky risk for their 2014 return, removing (a bit) the pop from the folk, and mixing the folk with the bluegrass. 'Angel In Blue Jeans’ is folk-bluegrass and I just hope people actually like this, because my third eye is telling me that they have made a mistake that may cost the band to go into a major long hiatus again.

I mean, 'Angel In Blue Jeans’ ain’t a bad song, it’s just a little 'meh'. If they wanted to make a change for the new album, why not return to their 'Drops of Jupiter' sound? Sure that 'era has passed, but why not attempting to bring that sound at least for nostalgia reasons? Who knows, that sound may work again in 2014!

Hit or Miss?

By on June 9, 2014
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