Train - Drive By (Music Video!)

Train's frontman Patrick Monahan won't let the 'love' of his life get away in the music video for "Drive By", the pop/rock band's first single from their upcoming LP, "California 37" due out this year - After a cold start, the feel-good tune is finally rising up the charts in the US, and as of this post, "Drive By" sits at #67 on the iTunes Top 100. The Hot 100 charting will come soon I'm convinced. I mean, "Hey, Soul Sister" took also quite some time to truly make an impact on the Billboard chart, so let's give "Drive By" the benefit of the doubt, cause I really believe it's a clever single choice, and that it'll become a huge hit for Train in the long run. As for recently-premiered video, Train gave it to fans as a gift for Valentine's Day. And the clip features a sweet love story. Pat Monahan met this girl while visiting California's wine country, they kinda had a thing, but as the opening scene showed, something went wrong in the relationship. However, Pat knows that girl is her true love and will fight for it, so he sets off to surprise her, and serenade her.

What do you think of the music video/song?

By on February 14, 2012
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