Tove Lo's "Cycles" Music Video May Make You Dizzy: Beware!

tove lo cycles video
tove lo cycles video premiere

If you thought Tove Lo’s “Blue Lips” era was already done, you thought wrong. Worry not, though, I thought the same thing.

The Swedish single wants to release one last single from the 2017 third studio album apparently. That’s why she premiered the official music video for “Cycles” today on youtube. If you find this music video to be very familiar, that’s because it was shot during the shooting of the “Blue Lips” short film. If you go and re-watch the short film right now and you go to the middle of it you’ll see Tove Lo being at the same night club as in this “Cycles” music video.

WATCH (click here for the lyrics)

That was a rather fitting music video. Totally makes you dizzy but it was an entertaining watch. Tove Lo spun round and round, she flaunted her stunning Scandinavian face, and I loved all the movements she did with her hands and arms. She was living that moment, honey!

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By on December 4, 2018
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