Tove Lo Is A Chambermaid Turned Party Girl In Major Lazer’s “Blow That Smoke” Music Video: Watch Here!

major lazer tove lo blow that smoke
major lazer tove lo blow that smoke video

Major Lazer premiered the music video for their latest bop “Blow That Smoke” featuring Tove Lo just minutes ago on YouTube. Shot by dad®, the newly-premiered visual sees Sweden’s very own Tove Lo playing the role of a chambermaid in a motel. During her night shift, she will go to this room that needs some tidying up and quickly she will be drawn to the bathroom as she sees smoke coming out of it. Once she enters, she will be magically transported to a whole different place: a mansion where a serious party, hosted by the Major Lazer guys, is going down. Tove Lo will perform a choreography (yesssss at this!) and will flirt with a smoke-puffing girl. But realizing she can’t be there forever, she will go back to reality by jumping into a well. And voila, she will be back in the motel room and will be back just in time before her manager opens the door to that room to check what was the random red light coming out of it.

*learns Tove Lo’s choreography immediately*


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blow that smoke tove lo
By on October 24, 2018
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