Tove Lo Reveals "Blue Lips" Album Cover And Tracklist!

tove lo blue lips

Tove Lo has unveiled the official cover art for her upcoming third studio album “Blue Lips” and as expected it is a very Tove Lo cover, in the sense it’s controversial and thought outside the box. The Red Light District of Amsterdam-inspired “Blue Lips” album artwork sees a woman lying on a bed sideways wearing a thong and exposing her butt to the camera as she squeezes her left gluteus with her tattooed right hand. The female model in question none other than Tove Lo herself. The tattoo on the hand confirms it.

Did you really think Tove Lo was going to give you a basic cover of actual blue lips? Come on. It's Tove Lo. Of course she'll always surprise us.

“Blue Lips”, whose lead single is the bop “Disco Tits”, will be released on November 17th via Island Records.

UPDATE: Tracklist revealed!

1. Light Beams (Chapter III)

2. Disco Tits

3. Shedontknowbutsheknows

4. Shivering Gold

5. Don't Ask Don't Tell

6. Stranger

7. Bitches

8. Pitch Black (Chapter IV)

9. Romantics (feat. Daye)

10. Cycles

11. Struggle

12. 9th of October

13. Bad Days

14. Hey You Got Drugs?

By on October 31, 2017
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