Tove Lo - "Blue Lips": Album Lyrics

tove lo blue lips

Read now all the song lyrics from Tove Lo's "Blue Lips" album!

"Blue Lips" is the third studio album by the Swedish singer and it is scheduled for global release on November 17th via Island Records. "Blue Lips" comes only a year after Tove Lo released "Lady Wood" to the world.

"Blue Lips" is made of 14 tracks on its one and only version, the standard, all songs were written or co-written by Tove Lo and some of the producers that worked with the Swedish singer in the recording of this album include The Struts, Ali Payami, and Alex Hope.

The lead single of the album is the controversially-titled song "Disco Tits".


1. Light Beams (Chapter III)

2. Disco Tits

3. Shedontknowbutsheknows

4. Shivering Gold

5. Don't Ask Don't Tell

6. Stranger

7. Bitches

8. Pitch Black (Chapter IV)

9. Romantics (feat. Daye)

10. Cycles

11. Struggle

12. 9th of October

13. Bad Days

14. Hey You Got Drugs?

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