Tour Moments: Adele Accidentally Kisses Fan On The Lips, Rihanna Gets A Doll And Makes Her Sing!

adele kisses fan on the lips

All kinds of hilarious moments keep happening at the tours of music superstars this year!

So Adele performed a “25 World Tour” concert in Vancouver, Canada earlier this week. And there she had a moment where she invited a special fan on stage with her to chat. This overexcited male fan told Adele and the crowd he had flown all the way from Nigeria to Canada to catch the British diva in concert. Shocked to this response, the “Hello” singer couldn’t do any other thing but to give the fan big kiss of gratitude - a kiss on the cheek she meant. However, in that moment the fan was so busy with his phone trying to get the camera to work to get a selfie with Adele that when she approached his face to give him the kiss, he untimely turned his head and the two shared a kiss on the lips instead! Cool as she is, Adele just laugh it off. But dayum! What a lucky fun!

rihanna gets a doll in concert

Rihanna I’m sure is used to receive all types of gifts from fan while touring, but I don’t know if she foresaw what she was going to get in Barcelona, Spain earlier this week when playing an “ANTI World Tour” concert.

RiRi was in the middle of singing her hit “Four Five Seconds” when suddenly she spotted a fan trying to give her something from the crowd. She received the object and little did she know it was going to be one of the freakiest gifts she’d ever receive. She got a Rihanna doll! (lol). A doll dressed like her and that looked like her. A flattered RiRi kept the doll with her for the rest of the performance and even had her sing a few lines! Priceless...


By on July 24, 2016
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