Toni, Tamar & The Rest Of The Braxton Sisters Slay “Mary, Did You Know?” Live On ‘The Real’

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The Braxton sisters got together to sing the Christmas carol “Mary, did you know?” on the TV show where one of them, Tamar, is co-host, ‘The Real'. This beautiful performance served as promotion for the Christmas album, “Braxton Family Christmas”, that the girls released back in late October via Def Jam. As you could have seen, Tamar Braxton is already sufficiently recovered from her pulmonary embolism that she already got back to work – praise the lord!

The Braxton sisters’ “Mary, did you know?” performance was just stunning. I don’t think there’s a better adjective to describe what they did on that stage last Friday (Dec. 18th). And, as expected, the main star of the performance was the oldest sister, Ms. Toni Braxton. Unfortunately, though, I just can’t only praise her vocal showing, I also must criticize her look. Although I had no issue with her clothing and make-up choice, she clearly didn’t re-check with her stylist if her hair was ok before the performance. And yeah, you figured it out, it wasn’t! It looked messy, especially on the sides, and it just didn’t look good on camera. I must say it did distract me a bit from her beautiful vocals. What a shame. Other sisters that shined bright at this ‘The Real’ performance were Trina and of course Tamar. Traci, who looked pretty nice for being Traci, but just had one tiny note, while Towanda, although getting more vocal time, did disappoint with her boring singing. But keeping it honest, I must say she was the best dressed that day.

Ah. So many years in her career and Toni Braxton’s smoky and profound voice is still intact. She’s such a unique talent.

By the way, I’ll definitely be playing the “Braxton Family Christmas” CD this coming Christmas day. I mean, it’s a must!

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By on December 21, 2015
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