Tinashe's "Flame" Performance On "Jimmy Fallon" Could've Been Hotter: Watch

tinashe flame performance fallon tonight
tinashe flame performance fallon tonight nbc

Tinashe performed "Flame" for the first time on TV last night on NBC's "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" and it was ok. And unfortunately "ok" was not what we were expecting. We had such high expectations for this performance....

First, the good: blonde Tinashe looked hot, the outfit was hot. That's it.

Now, the bad: was home girl lip-syncing? We thought she was singing live but at some moments it seems the "truth" was revealed. If you notice, at the end of some of the long notes, Tinashe would stop singing but the note (backing track that is) would linger for a just a bit longer.

Why were the taller middle candles not lit up?

Why was there no dance breakdown?

Ahhh. Tinashe looked too contained. We're sorry. Our girl is a good singer, yeah, but she is better when she PERFORMS. And that is when she gets to do a choreography. And we think "Flame" can be choreographed some or at least she could have added an original breakdowns towards the middle/finale. The performance truly need that "it" factor, because overall it was a bit flat. Please improve this routine!


By on March 31, 2017
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