Tinashe Premieres Super Hot "No Drama" Music Video: Watch Now!

tinashe no drama video
tinashe no drama video premiere

Tinashe Premieres Super Hot "No Drama" Music Video: Watch Now!

She looks like a star, has the songs of a star, so why the hell she can’t be a star!? Come on! Tinashe needs to explode, be huge, be a household name all around the world, and that needs to happen now! My patient is reaching a limit.

Tinashe premiered the music video for her new single “No Drama” tonight first on MTV’s TRL and then on her VEVO channel.

The music video is amazing. Let’s first say that.

The video sees Tinashe rocking blonde ‘dos and looking absolutely hot, showing off her incredible dancing skills, flaunting body and cleavage, and boasting massive swagger and boss-like attitude.

I always say Tinashe’s never looked better but I mean it more strongly this time around. Just look at her in this video! That’s one gorgeous woman.

And if for some crazy reason you didn’t like her new song “No Drama” on the first listen earlier today, I’m totally convinced you will fall in love with the song after just one view of this music video. It’s an amazing visual, so engaging, and you will definitely be repeating it non-stop, like I’m doing now, for a long while.

PS: I swear to God if I don't see "No Drama" on the Top 100 of iTunes USA when I wake up tomorrow, someone will be in real danger.

By on January 18, 2018
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