Timeflies - "Worse Things Than Love" [Music Video Premiere!]

timeflies worse things than love video
timeflies worse things than love music video

Oh no! Cal Shapiro of Timeflies falls in love at first sight with the wrong girl in the music video for “Worse Things Than Love”, the official lead single from the American pop duo’s forthcoming sophomore major label studio album “Just for Fun”, which will be released on Island Records on September 18.

The summery, laidback and radio-friendly Natalie La Rose-assistedWorse Things Than Love” premiered in late June, and today (July 21), about a month later, the music video is unveiled. Watch the fun, dog-filled Frank Borin-directed music video for the new Timeflies single at the bottom of this page!

natalie la rose worse things than love video

Timeflies vocalist Cal Shapiro is a dog walker who is on daytime duty on what appears to be a regular day in New York City in the "Worse Things Than Love" music video … however it will all be just 'appearances' as his day will turn out to be very complicated, physically and emotionally. He will fall in love at first sight with a pretty girl (not Natalie La Rose... she only makes a quick appearance at the park) who is just walking her dog at a random NYC street. Luckily for him, even though the girl disappears quickly, her dog drops the kerchief that's tied around its neck and Cal uses it to find the girl of her dreams. He will make his troop of dogs track her scent. But was that a good idea? I don’t think so. Cal’s dogs will go on a stampede, getting him in all kinds of troubles, and in the end, once he finds the lady, he will learn an ugly truth… watch to find out.

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By on July 21, 2015
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