Tim McGraw - 'Highway Don't Care' (Video)

Tim McGraw - 'Highway Don't Care' (Video)

Tim McGraw reminds us of the importance of not using a hand-held phone while driving in the music video for "Highway Don't Care". The country mid-tempo ballad serves as the third single from Tim's twelfth studio album "Two Lanes of Freedom". "Highway Don't Care" features vocals by Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban playing the guitar.

Directed by Shane Drake, the visual for "Highway Don't Care" is good stuff. They added a tragic accident to give the video more 'juice' but in the end, it all matches the lyrics. The video sees a girl kind of arguing with his boyfriend through the phone while driving her car on the highway. When searching for her mobile device which dropped on the floor of the seat, a tragic, and bloody event will unfold. Plot twist hits in then...Tim McGraw wasn't the character we believed he was! Oh my gosh. That was cool! Glad it had a happy ending, though. Queen Taylor Swift looked stunning in her scenes. Keith Urban makes a cameo as well. "Highway Don't Care" is a certified hit single, having peaked at #5 on the Country Songs Chart, and at #25 on the Hot 100 Chart of Billboard.

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By on May 7, 2013

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