Thomas Rhett Gives Us Plot Twist In "Craving You" Music Video: Watch The Premiere!

thomas rhett craving you video
thomas rhett craving you video premiere

Thomas Rhett really ain’t what he appears to be throughout the majority of his “Craving You” music video – which premiered last night (May 3) on VEVO. He may play the bad guy on the most part but in the end he’ll really be the hero!

The TK McKAMY-directed music video sees the country star and his female partner-in-crime doing all kinds of criminal activities, and even going as far as kidnapping a businessman, but when the police come and catch them in the act, it will turn out he’ll be a cop too! PLOT TWIST ALERT! And it looks like he didn’t only deceive the bad guys he was a bad guy too, he also deceived the woman he was going out with (aka, his partner-in-crime). That must’ve hurt!

thomas rhett craving you video vevo

More than a music video this looks like the perfect audition tape for Thomas to get in the movie business. I didn’t find any relation between the song lyrics and this “music video” and there was no moment of Thomas lip-synching to the song. (insert sad face emoji here). I was waiting for that glorious moment but the moment didn’t come.

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By on May 4, 2017
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