This Is The Tracklist Of Troye Sivan's "Blue Neighbourhood" Album! [Full-Length Debut / 16 Songs!]

troye sivan blue neighborhood cover

Troye Sivan will release his much-anticipated full-length debut album, titled “Blue Neighbourhood”, on December 4th via EMI/Capitol Records. The cover art is the artistic one you can see above, and the tracklist is the lengthy one you can see below. “Blue Neighborhood” will come in two versions; standard and deluxe. The former will include 10 tracks and the latter 16.

The tracklist wasn’t supposed to be “out” till tomorrow, October 15th, when the pre-order of “Blue Neighbourhood” is officially launched on iTunes, but due to a glitch (quickly amended) on Troye’s officially website, the tracklist was accidentally “leaked” and made public to everyone a bit early.

To be noted is the unexpected collaboration with Betty Who, “Heaven”. How did these two connect? I wanna know! Totally intrigued to hear what they’ve recorded together…

With the incredible reception his “Wild” EP had, no doubt Troye Sivan’s 16-song debut album “Blue Neighbourhood” will take the charts by storm in December.

Anticipating this album?

  1. Wild
  2. Bite
  3. Fools
  4. Ease (feat. Broods)
  5. The Quiet
  6. DKLA (feat. Tkay Maidza)
  7. Talk Me Down
  8. Cool
  9. Heaven (feat. Betty Who)
  10. Youth

Deluxe Edition

  1. Lost Boy
  2. For Him (feat. Allday)
  3. Suburbia
  4. Too Good
  5. Blue (feat. Alex Hope)
  6. Wild (XXYYXX Remix)
By on October 14, 2015
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