This Is The Tracklist of Imagine Dragons’ “Origins” Album!

imagine dragons origins tracklist

Imagine Dragons have just given their fans some amazing news. What was it? The reveal of the tracklist of the band’s upcoming fourth studio album “Origins” – which is arriving in stores on November 9th.

The standard edition of the album will carry 13 songs, the deluxe edition will carry a total of 15, and there will also be a special edition only available at Target in the U.S that will include 3 extra tracks on top of the 15 of the deluxe edition, which would make this “super deluxe edition” tracklist a grand total of 18 songs! (*FAINTS*).

*UPDATE: We just got word from Imagine Dragons’ team that the 3 extra songs from the Target “exclusive edition” are the same from the deluxe edition available for pre-order now on iTunes. Huh. So we’re only getting 15 tracks, guys.


What’s your favorite title from this bunch?

Please November 9, hurry!

By on October 22, 2018
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