The Weeknd Sees Too Much In “Secrets” Music Video: Premiere

the weeknd secrets video
the weeknd secrets video premiere

Secrets” is the brand new single from The Weeknd’s “Starboy” album, in case you didn’t know, and the Canadian crooner officially gave the song the music video treatment today on VEVO.

Directed by Pedro Martin-Calero, the music video for “Secrets” opens with a French girl uttering a brief speech in French before being captured by four cape-wearing man who will take her, as she floats in the air, to a rhombus-shaped bed located the middle of a tall, hotel-looking building. The girl will have sex with a ghost on the bed - at least that’s what it looks like, or is that supposed to be a depiction of the “self-love” she usually gives herself in the intimacy? – and will eventually get out of there (not before being spied by The Weeknd from an elevator). She will look for a good-looking man who has been waiting for her and the two will start to embrace and seductively caress. Then a chasing will embark between the two up and down the tall building.

Outside, The Weeknd will brave a snowy and freezing day as he regards the building, which will be revealed to be a floating giant cross made of cement.

the weeknd cross

Did you think too this was an overly complicated plot for a music video? But oh well, Pedro Martin-Calero’s directing was tasteful, the music video was very elegant, futuristic, and very high budget I’m sure, The Weeknd reminded the world he can take a close-up shot really well, and although the replay value of the music video is in my humble opinion very minimal, I didn’t think the 3 minutes the music video lasts were a waste of time. It was worthy first and only watch.

PS: "Secrets" is everything! Brilliant next single choice.

By on June 12, 2017
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