The Vamps Premiere "Middle Of The Night" Music Video But Their Future Is Uncertain...

the vamps middle of the night video
the vamps middle of the night video premiere

The Vamps just premiered the official music video for their latest single “Middle of the Night” on VEVO and it’s quite a disappointing visual effort. Despite the cute gesture towards the deaf community by including sign language, The Vamps’ “Middle of the Night” music video is potentially the worst and most boring music video from the British band.

Their previous single “All Night” was cute (thanks to the Matoma beat), but “Middle of the Night” sounds like a poor cousin (sorry, Martin Jensen, I know you’re a talented producer but not even your beat could save this “meh” song). So, how does the future look like for The Vamps’ forthcoming third studio album “Night & Day” (July 14)? Very bad. “Middle of the Night” has only managed to peak at #44 on the UK Singles chart (and "All Night" didn't even get into the Top 20) and with July just around the corner, I fear for the album sales figures! There’s no denying this could be The Vamps’ last album together. But if I were the Virgin EMI CEO, I would give lead singer Brad Simpson a shot at a solo career.

Back to the “Middle of the Night” music video, it sees a deaf couple getting into an argument at a diner, and The Vamps playing their song at a small theater under an intense red light.

By on May 15, 2017
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