The Vamps’ “All Night” Music Video Is Here Despite Single Flopped!

the vamps all night video
the vamps all night video premiere

What’s the point now?

British pop band The Vamps released in mid-October the lead single from their forthcoming third studio album - which shall be released in due time via Virgin EMI Records (the band haven’t been fired yet), a song titled “All Night” produced by Matoma. This electropop number was love at first listen for me, I found it to be extremely infectious, the “childish” chorus I couldn’t get out of my head, and overall it seemed to me like a very radio-friendly song, perhaps a bit too “lazy” originality-wise, but it really sounded like an easy hit for The Vamps, especially in a market as poppy-loving as the UK one. But what happened? To the surprise of everybody, “All Night” only managed to peak at #42 on the UK Singles chart in its debut week. And taking a quick look right now as I write this blog post, the single is nowhere to be found on the Top 100 on that same chart! So we can undoubtedly say that “All Night” is a flop, and it really sucks (that it flopped).

But flop or no flop, The Vamps didn't want to disappoint their fans and they shot anyway a music video for “All Night” which they premiered via YouTube today (Nov. 3). The video isn't anything groundbreaking, but something very simplistic, and it’s basically a day in the life of the band. We can see the four members of The Vamps riding their bikes at an industrial site, in an underground tunnel, then showing us their skills with the soccer ball, throwing water balloons at a wall, and lastly skating in a warehouse and making a foolish use of color-smoke cans. That’s pretty much the summary of the video. Will I be watching it again? Big no. It wasn’t interesting enough for me to want to watch it again. But if you’re a fan of the song, like I am, then it’s okay to give the video at last one view. As a little support.

By the way, I’m very worried now for the future of The Vamps. “All Night” flopped really hard and I wonder that the band’s label is going to do now…

Liked the video?

By on November 3, 2016
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