The Vamps’ “All Night” Is Their Best Song In A Long Time: Full Audio + Review

the vamps all night single

Quite good, quite good.

It seems The Vamps, a British pop rock band, still has something to offer in the end. I thought their “Wake Up” album was going to be the end for them, for it performed miserably sales-wise and none of the singles reached the Top 10 in the UK, but it appears their label was doing the right thing when they did not drop the band and gave them the chance to record a third studio album.

The problem with The Vamps was that their first album, a pop rock one, was really cool, fun, and teen girls in the UK loved them. With the second album, “Wake Up” (2015), something went wrong. The band’s music didn’t seem cool anymore and there was serious disconnection with the fan base, hence the singles not performing as the label would have wanted.

But worry not, because The Vamps got the message and they worked on cool new music for their third album, which will be released in the coming months. The lead single is this song titled “All Night” which was released today, October 14th, at all digital music stores. And this is cool music again.

All Night” is synth-pop, the kids choir-sung (or is they band’s members with modified vocals?) chorus is catchy, the synth beat drop post-chorus is too infectious (my ears are literally in orgasm), and overall the sound is just right. This single does deserve some Top 10 love in the UK.

What’s the song about? Basically The Vamps’ frontman is thanking a girl in it for having changed his life for better, and that he still can’t believe they are together. He’s so heavily excited about their relationship that he isn’t sleeping to cherish every single second he has with her. Awwwwww!

Great genre change for The Vamps - although I don't know if the instruments-playing members of the band are too happy. Their instruments have been replaced by synths now...

Hit or Miss?



By on October 14, 2016
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