The Script - "Superheroes" [Music Video]

the script superheroes video

Irish rock band The Script premiered on VEVO on August 4th the official music video for their inspiring anthem “Superheroes". The song is the lead single from the Danny O’Donoghue-led band’s forthcoming fourth studio album “No Sound Without Silence”, due in stores on September 15th via Columbia Records. “Superheroes" is available for purchase now on all iTunes stores around the world except for the UK, where the song will get officially released on August 21st. Always the British feeling special!

“Superheroes" music video review

Now talk about moving and meaningful videos! The “Superheroes" clip brought a tear out of me. Filmed at a shanty town in South Africa, the music video shows The Script playing a live concert for the neighbors as we get to see footage of how hard and unfair life is for these people. The message of the video is positive, though, as despite of the poor life quality and adversities for living in a shanty area like that, people manage to thrive and move forward in their own way, and raise happy families. On shooting in SA, The Script's Mark Sheehan said: "I think only in South Africa are you going to get this. We kind of knew that some kind of magic was going to happen. It certainly did".

danny the script in south africa

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By on August 5, 2014
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