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It was about time for their return. Can you believe their last album “No Sound Without Silence” was released in 2014? Three years without new The Script music has been such a punishment and so difficult to bear. Thank God that changed today. This Friday morning the Irish band released a new called “Rain” which is confirmed to be the first single from their upcoming fifth studio album (no title or release date have been announced yet, we just know it’ll come out via Columbia Records, Sony later in 2017).

Stream “Rain”:

Rain” is a guitar-driven heartbreak song where The Script’s Danny O'Donoghue sings about a comparison of the distraught feeling you are left with when your lover leaves your side for too long of a time to the pain one would feel if you stand under a shower of acid rain. He sings: “Cause baby, when you're gone / All it does is rain, rain, rain down on me / Each drop is pain, pain, pain when you leave”. Strangely though, despite the song being all about melancholy and sadness, the band opted to give the post-chorus of "Rain" a more “festive” vibe, adding more instruments and creating a party vibe almost moment. This was the only part of the song that I didn’t get. Why would you add such a “happy” production to the post-chorus in this case when you’re singing about pain and suffering? Or is it that The Script are fans of the “dance your troubles away” route? If that’s the case, my comment has no basis then. But even though I do find that post-chorus beat a bit off putting, I just can’t help but to allow the festive post-chorus beat to possess my body and just jam a long to those energetic seconds.

Rain” is so good, so catchy, so radio-friendly, so sing-alongey, and just a great new single from The Script to start a brand new era. The music video for “Rain” also premiered today and it sees The Script being the musical entertainers of a crowd at a club party. Party-goers will just love to dance to lyrics such as “It's such a shame we fucked it up, you and me / 'Cause baby, when you're gone / All it does is rain”.

By on July 14, 2017
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