The Script Premiere "Army of Angels": Listen Now!

the script army of angels

The Script can’t make bad music, can they? The Irish rock band have released a new ‘countdown single’ from their forthcoming album “No Sound Without Silence” (September 15) today on iTunes. The song is “Army of Angels”, and I think The Script and/or their record label have made a mistake releasing this as a mere "iTunes countown single". Usually this kind of "singles" are released before an album comes out to hype the moment and most of the times - if not always - these songs aren't used as official singles later in the "era". That's why I say The Script have made an error dropping “Army of Angels” right now. The song is so good, this totally has "#1 hit” written all over it. Stream it below, and let me know if you agree with me.

“Army of Angels” song review

The best way to describe the sound of “Army of Angels” is calling a very “The Script” song. I think you'll get what I mean. The rock production is both relaxing and nostalgic.

As for the lyrical content, Danny makes a beautiful comparison in the chorus. "This world’s a warzone / And I’ve got a shield / And I won’t surrender / Cause your love feels”, sings The Script leader in their new "iTunes countdown single". Isn't he a phenomenal singer?. When you feel the world is against you and things don't go the way you expected, just remember that in the end you have the most important thing in anyone's life, the love of someone. And that's your shield against any difficulty.

Hit or Miss?

By on September 9, 2014
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