The Script - "Man On A Wire" [Music Video Premiere!]

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Danny O'Donoghue of The Script will use a very dangerous method to try and get the attention of the girl he likes in the music video for "Man On A Wire", the newest single from the Irish rock band that he leads' fourth album "No Sound Without Silence” – already certified platinum in the UK. Woot!

Directed by Frank Borin, and premiered earlier this morning (March 9) on VEVO, the music video shows Danny doing what the chorus of the song says – he literally will stand on a “sort of” wire. Watch below (if you’re afraid of heights then watch with caution):

A tightrope of course! This is what I expect the music video to feature and I'm happy my wish has come true. Then again, the use of the tightrope was given, wasn't it?

Danny will stand on a tightrope tied between two buildings and will remain on the very middle (no balance pole required), as he belts out The Script's "Man On A Wire", for as long as the girl he has fallen for notices him from the window in her room down below and runs to meet with him. Eventually that will happen, the two will reunite and they will give love a shot. Super awesome and perfect for "Man On A Wire", which by the way is one of the best songs from "No Sound Without Silence”.

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By on March 9, 2015
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