The Script - "Freedom Child": Album Lyrics

the script freedom child album

Freedom Child” is the fifth studio album by Irish band The Script. This is the band’s first studio project since 2014’s “No Sound Without Silence”, which peaked at #1in the UK and made it on Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200. “Freedom Child” is scheduled for global release on September 1 via Columbia Records and Sony Music.

The Script’s “Freedom Child” album consists of 14 tracks. No deluxe edition with extra tracks will be available.

On the album title, frontman Danny O’Donoghue explained: “It came from Mark's side... His seven-year-old came up to him one day and asked, 'Dad, what's terrorism?'" The album title was inspired by its song of the same name, which addresses terrorism and the need for harmony”. Danny also mentioned in an interview how “Freedom Child” touches on other topics, such as the Trump administration. There’s a song called “Divided States of America”. He elaborated: “We were in America when Trump's inauguration was happening, and you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing how divided America was. The guy selling cigarettes could be a Democrat and the guy he's selling them to could be a Trump supporter."

Lead single of the album was the song “Rain”.


  1. No Man Is An Island
  2. Rain
  3. Arms Open
  4. Rock The World
  5. Mad Love
  6. Deliverance
  7. Divided States of America
  8. Wonders
  9. Love Not Lovers
  10. Eden
  11. Makeup
  12. Written In The Scars
  13. Awakening
  14. Freedom Child
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