The Performance Of The 2019 Special Olympics’s Anthem Featuring Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi & More Was CRINGEY

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Remember when Jennifer Lopez was refusing to the perform at the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil some years ago because she feared the setup for her performance of the official World Cup anthem of that edition with Pitbull and that Brazilian songstress was going to be crap? And remember she ultimately was FORCED to go and perform due to the pressure from everyone? But then do you remember that when we saw the setup being actually crap and the performance turning out to be CRINGEY AF we wished we could have reversed time and supported Jennifer's decision to not go? Well, this Special Olympics performance that you're about to watch is giving me (making me remember) very much of that. Why? Well, the official anthem for the 2019 Special Olympics is called "Right Where I Am Supposed To Be". It was written and produced by Ryan Tedder. The song was debuted, live, at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The song's singers are: Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi, Ryan Tedder and two Arab (?) guys whose names I don't know. Undoubtedly Avril and Luis agreed to record this song because they thought it was a nice thing to do. But what they probably didn't think at the time was that they were going to be asked to perform the song at the 2019 Special Olympics (opening or closing ceremony) and with these kind of shows, depending the host country, the setups for the performances could be either a big miss or a big hit. In the case of this Abu Dhabi performance, it was a big miss and CRINGEY AF. It honestly looked like they didn't rehearse or just rehearsed one time. The performance made no sense, it looked awkward, Avril looked uncomfortable, there was a problem with everybody's earpieces or some technical problem because nobody sang in sync with the playback.... I mean, a total mess. Plus, Ryan Tedder could not attend (I really want to know what his excuse was... did he pull what Jennifer Lopez couldn't pull?) but they left his vocals in the performance's playback anyway so there was a moment where we watched nobody singing but Ryan could be heard! (more cringe).

I have good tolerance for CRINGE so I managed to watch the full performance, but if you're not... then may God protect you.


By on March 15, 2019
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