The Killers - "Wonderful Wonderful": Album Lyrics

the killers wonderful wonderful album

The Killers - "Wonderful Wonderful": Album Lyrics

Check out all of the lyrics of The Killer’s “Wonderful Wonderful” album right now!

Wonderful Wonderful” is the fifth studio album from rock band The Killers. It is the band’s first album release since 2012’s “Battle Born”. Fans have had to wait 5 long years but it is finally here… a new The Killers era has begun! “Wonderful Wonderful” will be released tomorrow, September 22, via Island Records.

“Wonderful Wonderful” comes with 10 tracks in its standard version. However, fans that purchase the deluxe edition will be able to get 1 additional track and 2 remixes.

The lead single from the album was the song “The Man”.


1. "Wonderful Wonderful"

2. "The Man"

3. "Rut"

4. "Life To Come"

5. "Run For Cover

6. "Tyson vs. Douglas"

7. "Some Kind of Love"

8. "Out of My Mind"

9. "The Calling"

10. "Have All the Songs Been Written?


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