The Chainsmokers Return With New Single “Sick Boy”: Watch The Music Video Now!

the chainsmokers sick boy

The Chainsmokers Return With New Single “Sick Boy”: Watch The Music Video Now!

The Chainsmokers are ready for a new era.

They slayed 2016 with many hits from their “Collage” EP and then slayed 2017 with various hits from their debut studio album “Memories...Do Not Open”. Now they’re ready to to tackle 2018 with some new interesting music.

Although their second album won’t be arriving until some months later in the year, the first single is already here. Entitled “Sick Boy”, the song got released on digital platforms last night, January 17.

“Sick Boy” is still electronic music, which a genre intrinsic to The Chainsmokers, but it’s undoubtedly their less catchy/commercial/radio-friendly single to date and I dare to say it borrows some influence from Imagine Dragons maybe?

The lyrical theme on “Sick Boy” is also something new coming from The Chainsmokers. We’re so accustomed to hearing Andrew Taggart singing about love that the lyrical content on “Sick Boy” definitely caught me by surprise. The new single hears Drew singing about the East coast and West coast cultures, how they caused some self-doubt in him, and there’s also some political talk in the lyrics. So you see, a theme very different to what we’re used to from The Chainsmokers. Do you like? Because, as of this post, “Sick Boy” at #42 on iTunes USA and that doesn’t seem like a great start for a The Chainsmokers single? Maybe fans didn’t appreciate the change of tone in their songs?

Watch the “Sick Boy” music video below:

By on January 18, 2018
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